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Helicopter Proposal on Tower Butte | Amangiri Photographer

May 10, 2024

Couple kissing at the Amangiri Resort in the desert

Helicopter Proposal on Tower Butte

One of my favorite phone calls to receive is when a client asks me to take photos of their marriage proposal. It’s common for each man to sound a little nervous during the call because he is trying to make a plan for the “perfect” proposal.

Leslie knew he wanted to visit the Amangiri resort. He had seen one of my previous shoots on top of Tower Butte. This is a beautiful and unique spot which can only be accessed by helicopter. Leslie wanted it to be the place where he would propose to Erika. As we talked, and I helped him plan out the logistics, he asked me what I really thought of flying over the area. I told him I have taken engagement photos at this location multiple times, yet each time, it still takes my breath away. People from all around the world come to see the landscapes around Amangiri and Lake Powell for a reason. The beauty of these settings is something you won’t be able to forget. 

Leslie and Erika had been dating for over 12 years. He had invited Erika to join him on a business trip to California. When they arrived at the airport, Leslie took her to a different check-in counter and surprised her with a change of travel itinerary. He told her that they would be staying at Amangiri, a unique luxury hotel in the desert of Southern Utah. This stunning resort is highly sought after because of its gorgeous desert setting, and because it is one of the most relaxing resorts you can visit.

Leslie and Erika love to travel and adventure together. Neither of them had been to Southern Utah and they were able to see beautiful new places and enjoy amazing experiences during their visit. One of those places was Leslie’s surprise helicopter trip to Tower Butte, which overlooks the beautiful Lake Powell Reservoir. During their flight, the pilot flew over gorgeous Horseshoe Bend and soared through the cliffs of Lake Powell. I posed as another guest on the helicopter, and after we landed, I went to take in the scenic views and kept an eye on them–with my camera ready! 

Amangiri Engagement Photos

As you can imagine, Erika was quite surprised when she later realized I had been taking photos the entire time! After the proposal, we took a few more photos, then returned to Amangiri and were able to take a few more photos just as the sun was setting. I am so happy for Leslie and Erika and I’m grateful I was able to take part in such a special moment of their lives.

Helicopter Company: Papillon

Location: Amangiri an Aman Resort