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Dreamy Summer Photos: A Guide to Family Photos in Park City

May 13, 2024

Photo of a Family with four boys in the Aspens in Park City

5 Tips for Perfect Summer Family Photos

It is hard to decide which season could be considered the best to visit Park City, Utah. Each season has its own beauty, however summer is one of my favorites for photo sessions. I get so excited when the snow melts enough and the canyon gates open up to some of my favorite locations! Every time I finish a session in some of these areas, I just want to stay and enjoy the scenery after I finish. Here are a few things to think about while planning your photo session in Park City.

First: Decide where you want to display your photos in your home after the session. This will help you determine what time of year to plan your session. Will the green mountain tops look good in your home, or would a field by one of the rivers or reservoirs better suit your home?

Second: Do you have little ones that go to bed early? If so, you will want to schedule your session toward the end of August when it gets darker a bit earlier. In July, it doesn’t get dark after 9:00 pm, depending on the location, and most sessions start around 7:00 or 7:30 pm. If your little ones won’t last that late, let me know when you are booking, and I can give you location options that work for earlier in the day.

Third: Most sessions in the summer take place right at dinner time. Lots of families will go out to eat after the session to celebrate. Consider a small dinner right before too, which will keep everyone happy during the session! Just don’t wear your nice outfits to dinner! 😉

Fourth: Outfits for summer sessions are the most fun to pick out. In other seasons, I love when clients pick out soft neutral colors for their outfits, but during the summer, don’t be afraid to add some beautiful strong colors and prints. For family sessions, always start with the mom’s outfit! It should be a rule that the mom (or bride) should get a brand-new outfit for the session. They deserve to look and feel their best! A variety of fabric textures and patterns add visual interest to your photos and flowy dresses always look amazing on a green mountaintop! If you need some inspiration, here are a few dresses that I have been eying from Madewell and Doen!

Fifth: It’s very common for clients to tell me how stressful it can be to plan family photos. I always hope every couple or family has a great experience, but I can understand why the preparations might get stressful. Some varying factors include: choosing outfits, doing hair and makeup, hoping for good weather, ensuring everyone is on their best behavior, and hoping the husband or fiance will smile.😉  My best advice is to come with a positive outlook and be prepared to have an enjoyable time. Your kids (and partner) will match your stress level. If you get upset and frustrated, they will not respond positively. Be prepared to pivot and accept a change. It will always work out! It is my job to create images for you to cherish and some of my favorite photos end up being the ones where everyone is not smiling at the camera at the same time. A sweet example is when a parent pauses to comfort a child. Tender interactions like those are moments that become a visual reminder of how special our children are to us.

I hope these tips help you plan your summer photo session in Park City. Send me an email to schedule your summer session. July and August are some of my busiest months and fill up quickly!

Favorite things in Park City:

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Park City:

First, food. (Because isn’t that why we all travel??) Whenever I visit a new city, I look up their best Thai restaurants first and then where to go for authentic Mexican food. I love Glynn Thai in Kimball Junction. For a quick bite, El Chubascos is delicious!

There are two great Mediterranean options as well, Nosh and Vessel Kitchen are so good.

We have loved Fuego Bistro and Pizzeria for Pizza and Pasta.

Five 5eeds is a must for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

When we have time in Park City, we love to explore the trails. Blood Lake trail is a great hike for kids as well as any of the new trails in Wasatch State Park or in the Empire Pass area.

Summer concerts are one of my favorite things. Park City always has a great lineup of concerts all over town. Deer Valley Resort and The Canyons both have great lineups!

Favorite Hotels in the Area:

Marriott Mountainside

The Chateaux Deer Valley

Goldener Hirsch

The Pendry

Park City is one of my favorite places. I hope you enjoy your trip and are able to fit a photo session in while you visit! Contact me to book your date!