Wedding Photography

Brand New Website

May 4, 2024

Photo of a laptop showing a new website for a wedding photographer

I am so excited to finally show off my new website! I can hardly believe my last website was created nine years ago! I meant to send this email at the beginning of the month, but it took longer to merge my old site. 

My business was definitely ready for a refresh. I always have a build up of to-do’s and a new website has been on my list for years. I have really enjoyed going through the last few years of sessions to pull images for the website. I’ve worked with so many amazing, beautiful, and kind clients. I am so grateful when someone trusts me to take photos. 

I knew that I needed to lock myself in a room somewhere to finally get my site done. I even tried to set dates to go to a hotel for several days, to ensure I had some quiet time. I tried to set time in January, then February, and by March–life had gotten in the way. I’m happy to have recently found some time to get it finished though.

I have been researching and learning how to build my site for a few months. In my head, I knew exactly how my site needed to be laid out and how I wanted it to look. I am so happy with how it turned out! What do you think??

I used a Tonic Template which is powered by Showit, and these two products are absolutely amazing. I have had so much fun learning how to use Showit’s design space. It is incredible what you can adjust with an easy click. If you are looking into a new website, please reach out and I will better explain all the benefits that come from using a Tonic Template. 

Use my Affiliate link: JessicaParker for 15% off of your Tonic Template. They have so many beautiful designs to choose from . Not to mention, their designs are jam-packed with countless options that you didn’t even know you needed on your site. They have very helpful and user-friendly tutorials on how to use them too. I had the best assistance from the Showit and Tonic help support as well. If you have been thinking of a new website–don’t wait! You will not regret using these two tools!