14 Years in Business | 14 Things I Love About Being a Photographer

February 9, 2019

Destination Photographer

| Photo by Heather Nan | Hair and Makeup by Taylor Wood |

You guys I can’t even believe it has been 14 years since I started my photography business!  Where has the time gone?   Ever since I was little I knew I would be a photographer, it has always been my passion and from a young age I just wanted to document happiness and create memories!  I am so lucky to do what I love and I get to call it work!  Last year I posted about 5 ways to Stay in Love with Photography, and I loved going back and reading those!  This year I wrote about 14 things that I love about being a photographer.  So many photographers get burnt out and I have been so lucky to have never been in that position.  I am truly obsessed, maybe a little too much with my job!  Here are the things that I love most!

  1. I get to meet and photograph so many amazing people.  I have clients from all over and I love getting to connect with them.
  2. My photography has taken me to so many amazing places for shoots.  This last year my favorites were Stinson Beach in California, Teton National Park, and Sedona, Arizona.  This year I will be in San Francisco a lot and I get to finally shoot on the Oregon Coast!  That is on my 35 to do before 35!
  3. I can travel and call it work!  I try to book a big trip every year, I don’t know how to go on a trip to relax I am always trying to find ways to work.  I loved photographing in The Faroe Islands last year.  Check out those posts here and here.
  4. I get to make my own schedule.  I can work when I want to and I can take off when I need to for personal time.
  5. My husband loves camera gear and loves to learn and take photos with me when he can.  And he is such a good support with my business, he believes in me and pushes me to learn more and gives me the courage to put something new out.
  6. I get to meet so many talented wedding and event planners and vendors.  I love getting to watch them create and learn from them. I have made so many good friends while working in the industry.
  7. Even though I work lots of hours it doesn’t feel like work, I have a hard time pulling away.  I even enjoy editing!
  8. I love that there is always something to learn and improve on, I will never reach the top, but I get to keep trying every year!
  9. I enjoy listening to books and podcasts about business, they help me in my personal life as well as my business life.  My personal favorites are, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher and Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller (his book and podcast are great!)
  10. I love that I can shoot in so many different locations.  While we don’t have kids I love being on the road going to new locations and having amazing adventures while being on the job!  Last week I had my own personal speed boat on Lake Powell to photograph my clients and the next day we got to explore amazing slot canyons.
  11. I love that I am able to provide for my family with my passion, I am truly lucky for how successful my business is.  
  12. It is my favorite when I get to photograph my friends and family.  They were my first “clients” they trusted me when I was starting out and it is always so special to me when I get to share my talent with them and photograph their beautiful families!  I usually get teary eyed when I edit their photos because I love the people in them so much.
  13. I enjoy combining my other passions with photography.  I could cook and photograph all day and be so content!  I love doing it with friends too!
  14. I love being able to share the knowledge that I have gained over the last 14 years with others, I am an open book if you ever message me I try to answer all of the questions that I get.