A Creative Awakening 2019 | A Creative and Photographer Workshop

February 12, 2019

Photography Workshop

A Creative Awaking is now open for Registration!  I can’t even wait!  I am so excited about all that we will be doing!  To sign up click here!! If you want to stay the night, it will be $50 for each additional night.  Click here to book one or two nights.  Workshop will take place at Bear Lake Farm House, in Garden City, UT.

Here are the photos from last years workshop!  It was so amazing!  Flowers by the talented Amber Reverie.

Early Pricing will expire soon!

Every person has something creative within them, we all have talents, we all have the desire to create something out of nothing.  I truly believe as we create, something inside of us is unlocked and transformed.  Creativity creates a magical joy that can’t be found anywhere else.  When I make something, I am inspired in my personal life and in my business.  I love to do and try all sorts of hobbies and arts.  But what I really love is teaching others that they can do the same thing, some arts may take longer to accomplish and develop, but the practice of creating is good for the soul.

I am so excited to be hosting this workshop for the second time, last year was so amazing and I can’t wait for what this year will hold!

Come away with me to a beautiful cabin in Garden City, Utah (Bear Lake) and enjoy a day of creation and inspiration.  The day will begin with a light lunch and introductions.  We will start the day off with learning how to dye fabric, we will be using all natural dyes.  We can experiment with Avocado pits and skins, and walnut shells, pomegranate skins, herbs and foliage.  I can’t wait to see everyones creation.  We will be making a set of 6 linen napkins.  The linen napkins will be finished with a rolled edge and will be beautiful for any event.  The colors are so beautiful!  The dyes will have to sit for the rest of the day.

After we have started the dying process we will learn how to make homemade Gnocchi, it is one of my favorite things to make, it is so soothing and the gnocchi is so beautiful.  While we are making the gnocchi I will have set ups for you to practice some food photography.  We will learn about different lighting techniques and fun ways to style.

To end we will be enjoying a fancy dinner and of course we will photograph all the pretty details before we eat.  Amber Reverie will be coming again to do the florals, she is so amazing!!  Menu will be announced closer to the workshop date.

During the dinner and through out the day we will be talking about creativity and how it can help you in your life and profession.  This workshop is not just for photographers, it is open to anyone that desires to be creative and inspired.  I will be an open book about my success in photography for over 14 years and how I have stayed in love with my craft throughout the years.  I truly love what I do, it is a part of me and I know it is because I have let myself live a creative life.

The workshop will begin at 10 am and go to 8:00 pm, there are options to stay over because of the time.  Each night will be an additional $50.  If you choose to stay the night we can stay up and talk and create as long as we would like.  In the morning we can go on a walk around beautiful Bear Lake.  Depending on the interest I may host a mini workshop on Monday the 15th.

Click this link to sign up today!