35 Things to do Before I Turn 35

April 4, 2017

Today I celebrated my 31st birthday, and it was such a good day!  Cole is so good to me and made it perfect!  Last year if you remember I posted my 30 Things to do Before I Turn 30, and I had a few I wanted to finish before I posted my new 5 year goals.  So I have been working on them for the last year to finish things up, and I now have most of them finished and it makes me so happy.  I am a bit obsessed with goals!  So now you can read the updates on what I finished.

I loved creating my new list, and I have already made some progress on them, and I am so excited for them.  If you can help me complete some of my business goals… you may get a discount! 😉

35 Things to do Before I Turn 35

1. Find a cure for Cole and then start a family

2. Go to Cuba

Completed: May 8th-12th, 2017, My mom and I went and it was the best time! 

3. Shoot an international wedding

4. Shoot an elopement in the mountains

5. Hot air balloon ride

6. Learn Calligraphy

7. Make a bouquet from flowers that I grow

8. Have a studio space

9. Teach a sewing class

Completed: January 19, 2017, I taught a sewing class on how to make little stuffed animals from two patterns that I created.  It was so much fun!  I had them make one for themselves and one to give away.

10. Finish a quilt pattern

11. Go to Glacier National Park

12. Europe with Cole

Completed: March 2017, It was so fun going to Europe with Cole for the first time, we went to Nice, France, and Genoa, Italy.  Head over here to see my blog post about our time in Nice, France.

13. Grow brussel sprouts successfully

14. Take a creative writing class

15. Learn how to properly use utensils

16. Photo shoot on the Oregon Coast

17. Walk to the temple to do a session

Completed: April 3, 2018.  We had such a fun day walking to the temple!  It was a total of 13 miles there and back and we loved our urban hike!

18. Photograph 10 recipes from Italian cookbook and send them to the author

19. Finish sewing one of my dresses

20. Make a dress for a shoot

21. Learn to carve a spoon

22. Photograph a full Indian Wedding

23. Find names to take to the temple, one from each set of grandparents

Completed: March 7th, 2018.  Our stake had a stake temple day where they challenged us to go to the temple all day.  I found a name from each side and 2 of the names I did all of the work in one day and the other two were just sealings.  It was such a cool thing to spend a full day in the temple and to get two names all of the way completed.

24. Leave 35 complimentary notes to strangers, especially about their yards

25. See the tulip fields

Completed: April 10th-12th 2016, I went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festivals near Seattle, it was amazing!

April 25th 2016 I also got to visit the amazing Keukenhoff Gardens, Holland

26. Host a fancy dinner party in the woods

Completed: August 7th, 2016, I love dinner parties and this one was planned for up in the mountains, but there was threat for rain and Cole was really sick that day, so I would be doing it by myself, so we did it in a local park, still fun, but I still need to do one in the mountains!

And this image was featured on Anthropoligie’s Instagram!  It was a happy day!

27. Read a classic book series

28. Hike Naomi Peak

29. Go backpacking with Cole

30. Decorate bedroom

31. Send items to children’s home in Nepal, sponsor Jessica (a girl I fell in love with at the home)

32. Read the Book of Mormon in a week

33. Make a good fine art print website and market work

Completed: April 2017, it has been so fun having a shop with my prints, and especially my double exposure temple photos, I have been working so hard on them and I love seeing them in your homes!  www.jessicaparkerprintshop.com

34. Learn Spanish

35. Take Piano lessons (this goal has been carried on since I was in high school… one day it will happen)

I know they are a bit random, but they are all things that sound fun to me!