What to Wear for your Engagement Session | Utah Photographer

March 4, 2019

I’m so glad you decided to do engagement photos before your wedding! An updated, professional photo of the two of you together is the perfect way to announce your wedding day. Engagement sessions are also great way for us to get to know each other and for you to get comfortable in front of my camera before your big day. It’s going to be so fun! Here are five tips for choosing engagement session outfits:

Class it up. 

I usually have couples bring two to three outfits. I recommend at least one formal outfit and one casual outfit. The formal outfit really makes your engagement photos classy and timeless. You can do full formal for both of you, or for the bride to wear a dress and have the groom add a sports coat or nice sweater to a casual outfit. For your casual outfits, don’t choose clothes with logos, as they’re distracting in the photos. Neon and florescent colors put off weird color casts on your faces.  

These photos are a great excuse to get something new for yourself. Find something you feel comfortable and confident in. I recommend something that dresses you up a little more than your everyday outfits to make these photos special. I encourage the bride to find something she loves first, and then match the groom’s outfit to what she is wearing. I love flowy dresses because they make for great movement photos and they’re flattering on everyone. If you’re pulling items from your closet, make sure they are pressed and laundered. 

Don’t be too matchy.

Use coordinating colors, but don’t choose outfits that look the same. Patterns are nice, but I would try to keep them to just one of your outfits, so they don’t compete too much. Variety is good!

Choose your outfits based on the seasons. 

If it looks cold outside, dress warmly so you match your environment naturally. Don’t wear short sleeves or shorts in the winter. If you’re dressed warmly with appropriate clothes and shoes, it will make fall and winter shoots look better and be more enjoyable. If it’s summery outside, dress accordingly—light colors and thinner fabrics.

Consider getting your hair and makeup done. 

Hair and makeup artists will enhance your natural beauty to help you look your best and camera-ready. This is an investment you’ll be so glad you made! Here’s a list of hair and makeup artists I love to work with (in no particular order):

Tia Montgomery

Taylor Wood

Carrie Purser

April Benincosa

Janell Ingram

If you still need help with your outfits, here is a Pinterest board I’ve put together with some ideas! If you still need help deciding, I’m happy to help. Just text me some photos of what you are thinking and we’ll find a combo that will help you and your fiancé look stunning in your photos!

Contact me to schedule your engagement shoot, I would love to work with you!  jessica@jessicasphoto.com