How to Create Your Perfect Beauty Routine Before the Big Day

July 8, 2019

Article written by: Elise Morgan

Take a look at your wedding checklist. You probably have things like tour venues, book a DJ, or cake tastings. But have you remembered your beauty routine? There are steps you can take early to ensure that you are your best you on your big day.

 Yes, that means adding another thing to your list, but have no fear! This handy guide has all the information you need to start and keep your best bridal beauty routine.


One Year Until the Big Day (or ASAP)


Regular exfoliation should be a part of your skin care routine whether you’re getting married or not. Dead skin cells gather on the skin while we’re living our best lives and exfoliating a few times a week can help your skin look healthier and brighter.

 Maintain healthy habits

Time to focus on the big three: eating well, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep. These are the first lines of defense for our glowing skin, killer curves, and ultimately being your best you.

 Face washing

While you, no doubt, make a habit of washing your face, it might be time to make one small change. Stop using the washcloth because they are full of bacteria. Your best option for wiping the day away is to simply use your hands.


6 Months Until the Big Day

 Visit the dermatologist

If you have major skin concerns, it’s best to visit a professional as soon as possible to get it under control. Whether it’s acne, uneven skin, pores, or redness you need to address, it may take a few sessions so be sure to go early and schedule enough follow ups to ensure you’ll be ready for your big day.


1 Month Until the Big Day

 Try out a keratin treatment

If you live a life of taming naturally frizzy hair, see if your hairdresser will try a keratin treatment. Doing this early ensures your texture is under control but won’t fall flat on your wedding day.


1 Week Until the Big Day

 Look at Lashes

When you’re doing your final makeup test run, consider whether or not you’re the kind of bride who can get through the day on waterproof mascara. If not, ask about trying on false eyelashes to enhance your bridal look.

 Make some mani-pedi time

You should always have your nails done one to two days before you’re set to walk down the aisle. While you’re at it, spring for the mani-pedi packages that include essential oils, fancy scrubs, and massages. Relax. You deserve it.


The Morning of Your Wedding

 Use a Mask and kick back

The morning of your wedding is a great time to do one more exfoliating mask before sitting in the makeup chair. Once you’ve care for your skin, let everyone else take care of you. Sit back and celebrate finding the love of your life.