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Amangiri Proposal | Destination Photography

November 22, 2022

Amangiri proposal

Amangiri Proposal

I love being a part of proposals. I always feel so grateful to be able to photograph such special moments in my clients’ lives. This destination Amangiri proposal was perfect! I will take any chance I can get to photograph at this gorgeous location.

Farouk planned the perfect celebration for Sammy‚Äôs 26th birthday. Of course, he thought out everything to the finest detail. First, he booked a trip to the most sought-after resort in the desert, Amangiri. Second, he told her that he scheduled a photo session for her birthday while they were there, so she would be photo ready when he got down on one knee. Then, just as the sun was going down during the photo session, Farouk dropped down and popped the question with a sweet little birthday gift, that represented her ring. Sammy was completely surprised, as soon as she could compose herself she said yes! I loved their classic style. Sammy’s black dress contrasts beautifully against the desert background. And can you believe that ring? Stunning!

If you’ve never been to Amangiri, it is like nothing else. It’s in the middle of the Utah desert, mixing the red rock with a luxurious stay. It’s secluded but has every amenity.

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