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5 Tips on Working from Home

April 1, 2020

I have wanted to write this post on how to work at home for a while now, but during the last few weeks, I haven’t kept my usual schedule. I wanted to be doing the things that I was telling you to do! During this time, we need to give ourselves so much grace, and we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves. We live in hard times, and there is a lot to take in with everything going on in the world. I have had a lot of photo sessions cancel; I was so sad when I had to cancel them. My schedule has become very open, and I am trying to take some of this time to improve myself and work on my business. I am not making quick progress, but I am slowly moving forward. I will make another post on things to work on with your business during downtime. I am trying to keep optimistic about how the year will be when this is over; I am looking forward to a great summer!

Here are five tips that I find helpful when working from home.

  1. Develop a morning routine. My morning routine is super slow. This year it has changed a bit because I have been waking up earlier to go to the gym. I am usually a night owl and wake up around 8:00/8:30. I have now been working out at 6:00 or 7:00, and then I start my routine. As soon as I get back I open up all of the curtains, I love to have all of the light coming in! Cole is not so appreciative of this while he is getting ready! Haha! I then make my bed, eat breakfast, clean the house, shower, and get ready. I always get fully dressed; I never work in my pajamas. Cole always makes fun of me because I do have some very comfortable work outfits… but they aren’t pajamas! I always do my hair and makeup, even if I am not going out. Getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup effects my confidence. When I feel professional, I do more professional work. After I am ready, I read my scriptures, and then I get to work.
  2. Decide on three tasks to work on each day. I always have a big to-do list on the side of my desk. Each day, I try and decide which three are the most important things to get done. I start with the first one, and I don’t do anything else until I finish it, and then I will move down my list. Sometimes they are big tasks, so you have to evaluate how much you can get done. I usually break it up into sections and dedicate myself to finishing three parts of the task for the day. If I have too high of expectations for myself during the day, and then I don’t accomplish it because it was too much, I get discouraged, so don’t over plan how much you can get done. I know this is easier said than done!
  3. Drink lots of water. I always have my hydro flask on my desk! I drink so much water! When it is empty, I get a little break to get up and go downstairs and fill it up, and I love stepping away for a bit. Drinking lots of water is so good for you! I try to drink half of my body weight in ounces every day.
  4. Batch work. When you are deciding what needs to be done each day, clump together similar tasks. When your brain has to jump around to a lot of different things, you are less productive. When I do lots of random projects during the day, I never fully finish any of them. My brain can’t handle it.
  5. Always keep a clean workspace. We live in a two-bedroom townhouse that I have lived in for almost 12 years! We are definitely running out of space with my business at home and all of my other hobbies. Sometimes my office can be the center for all of the things, and when it gets messy, I can’t focus! I always take time before a busy day to clean up my office and my desk space. It helps so much to clear the clutter away. Create a beautiful workspace that inspires you! I have lots of plants around my desk; I love having them in my office. I still have some improvements to make in my space, every time I do something to enhance my workspace, I fell better when I work in it all day.

I know these sound simple, and I do not do them all of the time, but when I do, I can see a massive difference in my productivity. I hope you are all doing well! I know these are such unknown times. Hopefully, I will be able to get back out soon for more photo sessions! If you have any questions, I would love to help! Feel free to email me anytime!